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Union State Bank

Savings Accounts & Time Deposits


Having an account that allows you to save money separately from your regular day-to-day checking account is a must if you are to reach your financial goals. Union State Bank offers three products to help you meet your savings target:

Statement Savings – The classic savings, this account is a great place for emergency funds. It can also be used for overdraft protection and set up to automatically transfer to your checking account if the balance falls below zero, saving you time and money!

Money Market Savings – Great for those that want to keep a larger balance and still maintain accessibility, the Money Market Savings account pays a higher rate of interest.

Christmas Club Savings – This specialized savings account allows you to save for your Christmas – or other year-end holiday – expenses all year long! You’ll receive a check automatically – just in time for holiday shopping!

Statement Savings Money Market Savings Christmas Club Savings
Interest-bearing? x x x
Free Phone Banking? x x x
Free Online Banking? x x x
Free Imaged Statements Online? x x x
Paper Statements Available? x x x
Minimum Deposit To Open $25 $2,500 $25
Minimum Balance to Earn Interest None None None
Minimum Average Daily Balance to Avoid Service Charge None $2,500 None
Monthly Service Charge $0 $10.49 (Bal < $2500) $0
Withdrawal Limit Per Cycle 10 per qtr. 6 per mo. NA
Excess Withdrawal Fee $2.49 per w/d $5 NA


Certificates of Deposit (CD) – Our CDs come in maturities from 90 days up to 60 months. You can get a CD for as little as $500. Interest rates and annual percentage yield (APY) will vary based on the term of the CD. See our current rates for more information.

Maturing CDs will automatically renew at the current rate. You have a grace period of 10 business days in which you can redeem the CD without penalty. We’re here to help you make a good investment decision, please see one of our representatives for assistance.

Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs) – Individual Retirement Accounts are a great way for you to save for your retirement needs on a tax-advantaged basis. If, after consulting your tax advisor, you determine that an IRA is a good fit for your investment strategy, talk to one of our IRA specialists to determine how we can meet your needs!